We are your source for Global spare parts

Searching for a part from Europe or Asia….. then look no further because we can help!

Most any part, Most any manufacturer

When you’re searching for a part from a European or Asian manufacturer we can help. We can supply virtually any Electrical, Hydraulic or Pneumatic part from any manufacturer world-wide.

Fast, easy, and affordable

If your machinery or equipment was made overseas, you’ve likely experienced the hassle and expense associated with purchasing replacement parts. We can help you avoid the time-consuming task of locating a supplier and ordering the correct part, or the high prices and long lead times from machine OEM’s. With Wire Machine Systems, there are no language and cultural barriers to deal with, no international shipping problems, no difficulties with customs clearance, no hassle with payment in a foreign currency, and no unexpected costs.

Our prices are FOB Fort Wayne, Indiana. The price we quote is the price you pay, with no hidden costs!

Get the right part

Wire Machine Systems gathers the information we need to supply you the replacement parts from the same manufacturer as the original part, not inferior substitutions. You can be confident that you will receive the right part.

Save time and money

Getting parts from Wire Machine Systems is generally less expensive than from other sources such as the machine or equipment manufacturer, and is typically faster because of our efficient shipping channels. You’ll be surprised at your savings in time and money.

Spare Parts: Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide to you?
The more information the better. Typically, we would like to have whatever information can be found on the nameplate of the part, but we need at least the manufacturer’s name and part number.

Can I get parts faster than you have quoted?
Frequently, yes. Parts typically arrive in the US via our weekly consolidated shipment, but we can coordinate a special shipment to save a few days.

Are you supplying the original part, or a substitute?
Wire Machine Systems only supplies the original manufacturer part. If the original is no longer available, we will work with the manufacturer of the part to identify a suitable replacement, and clearly identify this with you.

Can you repair our spare parts?
Unfortunately not, but we will work with you to supply a new part economically and quickly.

Will I be billed separately for international inbound freight, customs clearing, and duty costs?
In almost all cases, our quote to you includes all costs related to international shipment — we won’t surprise you with high additional charges on the invoice. You only need to pay for the part and to get it from Fort Wayne, IN to your location. In some cases, we may quote certain costs separately. If this is the case, the costs will be clearly shown on the quote.

Do you stock parts?
We do stock many parts in our Fort Wayne, IN warehouse but many items need to come from overseas.

What types of parts are available?
Virtually any type of Hydraulic, Electrical or Pneumatic parts can be supplied.

From what countries can you get parts?
We supply parts from most all European and Asian countries

The nameplate on my part is all in a foreign language. I don’t know what number is what! Send us a photo of the nameplate as we’ll take it from there.


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