We are your source for Wire Drawing Capstans

As a supplier of high quality drawing capstans, cones and rings to the wire drawing industry for 30 years, we understand that superior drawability and long capstan life are essential to product quality and keeping your manufacturing cost low.

Wire Machine Systems is a trusted supplier of wire drawing tools in zirconia oxide ceramic and hardened metal for virtually all types & brands of machines, including Niehoff, Samp, Henrich, Syncro. Wire Machine Systems is an exclusive distributor of materials and tooling for the wire drawing industry.

We supply materials in copper aluminum, alloys, steel, and others.

  • Rod Breakdown
  • Intermediate drawing
  • Fine wire drawing
  • Ultra fine wire drawing
  • Multi-wire drawing

We provide custom tooling solutions upon request (email sales here).

variety of drawing capstans

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