Shot blasting machines for tubes

The range of “TS-RB” biconical roller shot blasting machines has been designed for the treatment of iron or steel pipes. Usually the handling is carry out by a skew rolls conveyor provided with forward speed adjustment (inverter). The rolls inclination allow the tube rotation during longitudinal feed; in this way only one or two turbines are enough to assure the complete pipes cleaning; this technical solution allows to manufacture equipments with small dimensions and reduced costs. Roller conveyors will be sized according to the size of the pieces to be treated. Furthermore, there are two prechambers / vestibules, one before and one after shot blasting, which will prevent the accidental abrasive exit. The abrasive recovery system composed of lower hopper, screw conveyor, bucket elevator and reconditioning of the same (rotary sieve, countercurrent air wash selector) allow the continuous recycling of the abrasive with the total elimination of slag, burrs and powders. The tubes after blasting arrive on the exit roller conveyor ready to be unloaded by bridge crane or transfer devices (excluded from our supply).