Wire Machine Systems Introduction Video

Wire Machine Systems Inc. (WMS) has been a major source of equipment supply and services to the wire, cable, bar, and tube industries since 1987. Experience our expertise: Wire and Cable Equipment Ferrous, non-ferrous, and cable Bar and Tube Production Equipment Buncher Bows Carbon Brushes and Brush Holders Wire Drawing Capstans Spring Coiler Machines Spare Parts for European & Asian made machines Contact us today for a quote! Get Started

Ephos – Production of Cold Heading Wire

Ephos for production of cold heading wire
Lowest production costs and highest quality for coating of wire for cold heading wire, patented steel wire With phosphated surface, steel wire, PC strand, spring steel wire, and saw wire. Compared to the conventional phosphating process the STAKU e-phos process offers essential advantages in its inline devices, such as very short treatment periods, lower consumption of chemicals and lower operating temperature. Learn More

Draw-Peeling from Kieselstein Intl.

Wire Machine Systems Draw Peeling
Surface quality requirements are getting tougher & tougher so wire manufactures are fighting back with Draw-Peeling systems from Kieselstein Intl. Whether you call it draw-peeling, back-die shaving, scalping or reverse-die shaving, the goal is the same…superior surface quality!! Kieselstein is the world-leader in this field and whether you want to integrate a machine into an existing line or need a complete draw-peeling system, we have the technology you need.

Parts Highlight: Wire Drawing Capstans

We are your source for Drawing Capstans As a supplier of high quality drawing capstans, cones and rings to the wire drawing industry for 30 years, we understand that superior drawability and long capstan life are essential to product quality and keeping your manufacturing cost low. WMS has been supplying drawing tools in zirconia oxide ceramic and hardened metal for virtually all types & brands of machines (Niehoff, Samp, Henrich,... more