Wire & Cable

WMS offers a full range of equipment for the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Wire & Cable industry. WMS’s line of equipment can meet your requirement for wire drawing, coiling, barrel packing, spooling, surface treatment, wire straightening & guiding as well as all the ancillary equipment/tools to support these applications.

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Bars & Tubes

Our broad product line encompasses all facets of the bar & tube industry.  Our range of products  are suitable for a wide range of applications which include coil to coil, coil to bar, bar to bar, peeling/turning, straightening and finishing.

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Buncher Bows

We offer the highest quality and competitively price bow for all make and models of bunchers & stranders. Our ongoing innovations in bow design & quality enable our customers to achieve the highest throughput possible while experiencing longer bow life…thus saving you money.

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Wire Machine Systems

About Wire Machine Systems, Inc.

Wire Machine Systems, Inc. made its entrance into the industry in 1987. Since then, it has developed into a major source to supply equipment and services to the entire wire, cable, bar and tube industries, thus offering the “one-stop shop” concept – making it a natural partner for companies in our industry.

From our centrally located facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Wire Machine Systems operates on a national and international level as a premier supplier of Machines & Equipment to the Wire, Cable, Bar, Tube and related industries.


Wire Machine Systems Introduction Video

Wire Machine Systems Inc. (WMS) has been a major source of equipment supply and services to the wire, cable, bar, and tube industries since 1987. Experience our expertise: Wire and Cable Equipment Ferrous, non-ferrous, and... more

Ephos – Production of Cold Heading Wire

Ephos for production of cold heading wire
Lowest production costs and highest quality for coating of wire for cold heading wire, patented steel wire With phosphated surface, steel wire, PC strand, spring steel wire, and saw wire. Compared to the conventional phosphating... more

Draw-Peeling from Kieselstein Intl.

Wire Machine Systems Draw Peeling
Surface quality requirements are getting tougher & tougher so wire manufactures are fighting back with Draw-Peeling systems from Kieselstein Intl. Whether you call it draw-peeling, back-die shaving, scalping or reverse-die shaving, the goal is the... more

Parts Highlight: Wire Drawing Capstans

We are your source for Drawing Capstans As a supplier of high quality drawing capstans, cones and rings to the wire drawing industry for 30 years, we understand that superior drawability and long capstan life... more

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