Buncher Bows, Rollers, Guides

Offering a full range of parts for over 30+ buncher manufacturers, including 250+ designs for various machine sizes and wire applications. Our flyer bows are made using carbon fiber and high-strength epoxy resin. For specifications regarding individual flyer bows contact us today for more information or to ask about custom designs or to get a quote.

View Our Equipment for Wire, Bars, & Tubes

Wire Machine Systems is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our facility operates on a national and international level as a premier supplier of spare parts for machines in the Wire, Cable, Bar, Tube and related industries.

Spare Parts for:

  • Wire Drawing
  • Coiling
  • Barrel Packing
  • Spooling
  • Surface Treatment
  • Wire Straightening
  • Wire Guides
  • Ceramic & Aluminum Rollers

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